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The Soul in the Steel


"I AM that I AM" an artist, the consciousness in each sculpture has brought forth new hopes to all, has brought new light, new realms, new beginnings. 


Through art, we must march as explorers in new ventures and through art, we see the world as one. I can attest to the logic of “I Am that I Am”, as we aspire to create new worlds, with other helping hands, we can be certain of the success and happiness we would all achieve! We are all creators and explorers!

"For the taking of thought, or the epiphany of another is greatest gift to man! The irony is that I was once the model to the artist and now, I'm the artist to the model." - Marco Puente

The Philosiphy of Creation


The continuation of existence has brought new hope to life on earth as we know it, this ideal is brought to life in my work. As a lover of arts, science, mathematics ,philosophy ,literature, the prospects of new heights, I look to convey all this and more within the metal and it joins with the harmonious aspects of nature and life itself as the equilibrium to success and happiness.


We have endure great calamities and we look forward to embracing many more challenges in our times.

We are inspired by great and small, we are all unique. We are all here to evolve and embrace one another, to seek knowledge and experiences. Embracing them to new dimension , to create that which has never been created. To help out those that would of never been understood, to inspire those in present and futuristic times,these are the philosophical inclinations to humbled new beginnings.


We express the inclination to a new paradigm, the manifested thought, the lucid explanation, characterized by new perception or understanding! This is the transpired notion, the art in its form materialized I seek to acknowledge, this information of neurons based on facts, to procreate.


To authenticate, to apply, reset principles, and to acquire new and lost principles as the tools to be ushered into every piece. An alchemist and musician in his trance, has set out to vindicate such material, and placed it out in its original form.

From Fire and Earth, Spirit Has Risen

My mistakes took me in a circle of pain, over and over again I was riding a train without destination. I was aware that I didn’t know where I had departed from Living a life as the son of the widow took me to places and ruins, which I forever felt.


Not knowing my path and how I will walk the arena I've stumble and felt the quakes on my legs, that I would feel 20 years ahead I consulted with others to learn of my sickness, to quake with despair. I sat down with many mistakes, and rose without shame, for I knew a mistake took place all over again.


For then, victory surprised me with colors and I finally found that weakness is strength. My life once was bitter, and now I can have all the sweetness in life with family and friends.

"Man cannot remake himself without suffering. For he is both the marble and the sculptor"  - Alexis Carrel

""Please, love one another."

A Passion forged in Nature and Metal


Born November 4, 1971, Marco Puente is an accomplished welder and fabricator and the artist behind Lumen Sculptura and is professed as the "Universal Artist"​

Marco owns Lumen Sculptura as well as its sister company, Weld One, which specializes in fabrication and installation of wrought iron and other custom metal projects. Weld One has been in business for over 15 years and counting.

Specialized in abstract iron , stone, wood, oil on canvas, interior work, and designer in the arts.

"I never did anything worth doing by accident, nor did any of my inventions come by accident; they came by work."


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