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Welcome to the Art of Marco Puente. 

All artwork on this page was designed and created by Lumen Sculptura in Chicago, IL.

Featuring two-dimensional and three-dimensional work by artist Marco Puente. Meet the artist and learn about these unique works in metal, wood and stone. Works represent nature, music and the arts as well

as abstract forms.

New content will be posted periodically as it becomes available. 

When asked about the basis for his work as it pertains to the esoteric and the divine, Marco was quoted in saying:

"There's a certain satisfaction as well as condemnation to every thought created by man. The world and universe is run by frequencies and patterns and is unleashed to man. We must consider the uncovering of them to be noble work."

- Marco Puente

Marco Puente metal sculpture art classes Chicago Illinois united states Mexico design iron wood statue figure America teaching esoteric divine.

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Please contact us with any questions at (773) 457-8443 

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Marco's traditional metalworking, soldering, design, and stone setting are covered along with the use of more contemporary materials to make metal works of art! We have a fun, wide range of classes and workshops for metal artisan, whether an aspiring beginner or already skilled.


Courses are offered year-round at our classroom at our Chicago Location.

The Philosiphy of Creation


The continuation of existence has brought new hope to life on earth as we know it, this ideal is brought to life in my work. As a lover of arts, science, mathematics ,philosophy ,literature, the prospects of new heights, I look to convey all this and more within the metal and it joins with the harmonious aspects of nature and life itself as the equilibrium to success and happiness.


We have endure great calamities and we look forward to embracing many more challenges in our times.

We are inspired by great and small, we are all unique. We are all here to evolve and embrace one another, to seek knowledge and experiences. Embracing them to new dimension , to create that which has never been created. To help out those that would of never been understood, to inspire those in present and futuristic times,these are the philosophical inclinations to humbled new beginnings.


We express the inclination to a new paradigm, the manifested thought, the lucid explanation, characterized by new perception or understanding! This is the transpired notion, the art in its form materialized I seek to acknowledge, this information of neurons based on facts, to procreate.


To authenticate, to apply, reset principles, and to acquire new and lost principles as the tools to be ushered into every piece. An alchemist and musician in his trance, has set out to vindicate such material, and placed it out in its original form.

 Esotericism: "The philosophy of the evolutionary process both in man and the lower kingdoms in nature. The science of the accumulated wisdom of the ages. Presents a systematic and comprehensive account of the energetic structure of the universe and of man's place within it. Describes the forces and influences that lie behind the phenomenal world. 

"Maitreya's Mission III" by Benjamin Creme

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