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Why We Teach

Art has really taken me forward to a different view of life, dimensions, and a world of consciousness. I only wish to open up a world of inspirational art, seeking travelers like myself and acknowledgment, awareness and evolution to the better of man’s existence.

Within those enlighten halls, we must enhance our perception and our weaknesses will forever become our strength. We must seek it in science, mathematics, philosophy, literature, and art. To expand as the universe and reveal the power of the direct connection to the whole!

Mentoring is the greatest achievement to man and his remaining. We must expand the eager minds of tomorrow.

The extraction of knowledge is presented to the apprentice from epiphany. This will be the future success to the mentor, solidifying his road of learning and continuance work for success.


We are teaching a craft, the divine creation, an epiphany, the form of art , and the world’s platform with creation and learning!!

Welcome to Marco’s esteemed Metal Sculpting! 

Here you will find courses that allow you to explore a variety of different metal art techniques with Marco.


We give you access to create original pieces and help you to craft your passion! We offer an atmosphere appropriate for novice and expert alike.


Students can join a class confident that they will learn the basic skills required to complete a few one-of-a kind pieces.

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